A tea ceremony


In only a few minutes, find yourself elsewhere , carried away, taken by surprise.

The rehearsal gestures and the meeting with this untouched part of yourself will become your strength, your energy renewal.

Each time this ritual is never exactly the same, nor a totally different one.

What does Minh Sen propose?

Like any other company, Minh Sen is a goods and services provider for its clients-to-be.

One of its main goals is to create an unusual space favorable to renewal of commitment and revitalisation.

A physical space, a source of time landmarks. Silence incites clear ideas and gently inspires your natural charism. Minh Sen offers a few minutes experience, away from the tumult of the soul.

It awakens your senses made languid by being a city-dweller, reconnectsyou to the wisdom of Mother Nature, simply by drinking tea in good company. Simply, it’strue but performed by the book of an ancient art using an adroitly chosen tea in flourishing silence.

Little by little, your perception of the world willchange, become more and more flexible and will expand your perspectives.