Who am I?

Sabine Minh Sen lors d'un rituel du thé

I am Sabine, the creator and the manager of thiswebsite.

After studying organic chemistry, I worked for10 years as a perfumer/flavorist at Robertet Company, one of the top ten aromatic leaders in the world.

Eventhough I loved working there, I wanted to get out of my laboratory, to transfer my skills to a natural field that incites travel.

Teagot tome while I wasin thisquest for a meaning. Tea helped me to put down roots in Asia where my family is originally from.

Myfamilyisfrom Vietnam but I wasborn and raised in the south of France.

Since 2009 I have been traveling around the planet to study tea with specialists and tealovers.

I started my trip to the tea production areas of Yunnnan, in south-west China, thebirthplace of tea.

There, I fell in love with Puertea. This tea is tightly compressed in a cake form and has the particularity of wonderfully improving when ageing.

I have transformed this love story into a vocational profession, for you to discover its benefits just by tasting it.