« A resourcing inner adventure, a reconnection to my true needs, a new start in my life with lightness, delicacy and serenity. Thank you Sabine for having accompanied me in this crucial moment with your capacity to listen, your professionalism, your great knowledge of the human being, your love of writing and your mastery of the universe of “Tea” which at each session have allowed me to get through to all my senses and my inner feelings.
Finally, thank you Sabine for having helped the little seed of creativity in me to germinate and inspire me throughout the workshops.» lire la suite

Blandine Ordioni, Responsable chocolaterie Xocoalt Nice

« We invite you to meet Sabine Minh Sen, our tea explorer, a specialist in Pu’erh tea which is unique and timeless. Not only does Sabine have expert knowledge but she is also passionate and as dignified as she is human. She fully embodies our values and will entice you into her exceptional world. She accompanies us on a daily basis in our quest to enchant our guests.
The transmission of her knowledge is pure happiness, filled with sincerity and generosity. She entrusts us with a precise, unique selection of the best teas with rare flavours as well as infusions of exceptional quality to delight our guests. Taking the time to experience her tea with her will guide you towards new horizons and transform you.»

Claire Sonnet, Director Le Louis XV- Alain Ducasse, Hotel de Paris, Monaco

« Hier matin, Sabine Minh Sen « exploratrice des thés », est venue faire une formation sur le rituel du thé à nos équipes. Une expérience remplie de bienveillance, de grâce et de dignité. Nos équipes sont comblées !» lire la suite

Mauro Colagreco, restaurant Mirazur, Menton, 1er restaurant du monde au classement 50world best, 3 étoiles Michelin

‘During many years I had a chance to buy some Bio tea to Sabine for my customers in the private aviation sector. This exceptional tea is not a simple tea, but rather the EXCELLENCE ITSELF. Top quality, recognized and appreciated by all the demanding VVIP I flew around the world. I have received many compliments about the taste, the rarity of such quality and the tailored service offered by Sabine according to the VVIP requests. I am confident that you will all appreciate this top bio quality according to your own taste and requirements.’

Philippe Ripoll, line training Captain Commandant de bord Aviation privée
Global jet

‘This experience was beyond our expectations. The intensity of the ritual and the quality of Minh Sen’spresence deeply touched everyone of us.’

Alexandre Dubarry CEO. Cabinet Quatre Epices

‘Sabine had the kindness and the awareness to teach us the tea ritual, she passed on and communicated in a very precise way.’ read full reference (french)

Michel Lang, Head Butler – Le Louis XV

‘I personally felt an intellectual calming and a body awakening. I was ready to go back to work in great shape’

Xavier Huawei France